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Green Pea Cookie Operations Updates!

by The Green Pea Cookie Team April 20, 2015

We're working hard peaparing for our Kickstarter fulfillment and the launch of our online store and we wanted to share some updates as we're rolling along... Peater and Dimpea will be on the way to you very soon, and our store will be launching shortly thereafter in the summer!

There's a lot to be done on the operations side first: we're sourcing the best possible ingredients, working closely with our commercial baking facility for bulk fulfillment, and doing double and triple quality checks on our entire product from cookie to packaging to shipping boxes and postcards!

Check out our packaging samples that arrived in the mail the other week. We already showed you the designs, but here they are in real life! The box will hold a little plastic bag inside to keep your handmade cookies as fresh as possible, as well as some kraft shred to make sure they stay snug and don't break. When we launch the store we'll also be introducing a third size and a sample wholesale pack containing just 6 cookies each for some lucky people to have at work... compeany pea-rks!!!

We're anxious to share the postcard design with you as well but we figured we would keep it a surprise because we love it so much. But the postcards are on their way too!

Here's what else we're waiting on before we can mail off the Kickstarter rewards...

  • t-shirts and pullovers (they're super soft! We think you'll love them!)
  • bulk order of packaging (tape, boxes, shred, plastic bags)
  • bulk order of chocolate and peas and everything nice
  • bulk order of recycled shipping boxes
  • label maker 
  • those post April-1 stragglers to fill out their surveys (but we're not going to let them delay the shipment!)

Stay tuned for more news, pea family! 

Happea day :)

The Green Pea Cookie Team
The Green Pea Cookie Team


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