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Types of Peas: A Taxonomy Lesson (Taxonopea)

by Larissa Russell April 28, 2015

Snow peas, snap peas, green peas, sweet peas, frozen peas... Dimpeas... There's a lot of complexity when it comes to pea categories! 

Here's a quick, high-level lesson in pea taxonomy that every Pisum Sativum lover should know. There are 3 main types of peas:

1. Snap Peas. These things are wonderful. The pod and the peas themselves are sweet and thick and healthy. They're better than carrots, and since both the pea and the pod are so perfect, the French call the Snap Pea "mange tout" (as in, "eat it all" or "hog it down raw").

Within the Snap Pea category are many sub-varieties, including Sugar Snap, Sugar Bon and more. They're sweet like sugar, but you won't feel like you have to floss after! It's garden candy.

2. Snow Peas: Another mange tout! Snow Peas are that flattish version of peas you might find in a Teriyaki stir-fry that someone has made for you out of a bag of frozen vegetables that also contains water chestnuts. That's not to diminish the Snow Pea. Look how peautiful: 

They're flat because the pea inside never really reaches its full peatential. There are a lot of varieties of this type too, including (but not limited to!) Avalanche, Snow Bird, Gray Sugar and Sugar Daddy. 

3. Garden Peas. This is the stuff that Peater comes from!! Garden peas include the peas you buy in a can, the peas you buy frozen, Spring Peas, Misty Shell Peas... plenty more. 

The pod is edible if you really wanted it, but it's not exactly tasty. That's because all of the plant's efforts are focused on producing the sweetest, most divine possible peas on the inside, so that we could roast them for you and turn them into green pea cookies... and you know, it's what's on the inside that counts! :) 

Larissa Russell
Larissa Russell


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