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Peater's Diary: It's time for Grand Adventure

by Peater The Cookie May 08, 2015

May 8, 2015: It's time for Grand Adventure

Hi Diary.

It's me, Peater the Green Pea Cookie. I am here today on this fine evening writing to you from a box hiding spot as my friend Larissa packs up to move out of San Franpeasco for a while.

I have to say, diary, I am a little sad to be leaving my first real home out here. Peacause here's the thing, I was just thinking that here in these peautiful halls is where Pean, Peaona and Larissa met all at once for the first time! Here is where Pean and Larissa baked the first batch of my friends that didn't taste so great, but who would know because they never tried them out of consideration for my pealings! Here's where Peaona peaveloped my love, Penelopea, where I stole my first kiss in the oven, where Pean and Larissa sang about peas and where Dimpea and I spent so many late nights talking and talking while everyone baked and baked! So many memorpeas <3

Sad doesn't mean I'm not a happea cookie just so you know. I don't think sad and happea are opposites, that's why. Because happea is like breathing or rolling around, and sad is just an acknowledgement that sometimes chunks of life float away like frozen peas you dropped, the ones that didn't quite make it in your pealicious dinner, and they are falling slowly slowly slowly at 9.8 meters per second squared, and then later the dog eats them and he gets happea, because see, they were important too.

There's no place like home, diary, but it's a great day anyway. And here's why. Home is where the pea is, that's why. And I'm peaparing for grand adventure: in just a couple weeks I'll be on 6/7 continents meeting my friends from Kickstarter. Imagine that! Me, Peater the Green Pea Cookie, peaxploring the globe in style! And you know what else? There's going to be a Green Pea Cookie peaunion in Singapore really soon. Hip hip horraY! OK, bye.

Lots of love,


Peater The Cookie
Peater The Cookie


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