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15 Eco-Friendly Travel Tips For Visiting Your Family During The Holidays

by The Green Pea Cookie Team November 16, 2015

15 Eco-Friendly Travel Tips For Visiting Your Family During The Holidays

The holiday season is coming and so are the occasions to travel and visit your loved ones!

With so many people moving through states and countries during this time of the year, we could all put a little effort to reduce our impact on the planet.

Peater the Original Green Pea Cookie loves keeping things green, so he helped us put together a list of tips to help you reach parents, grand-parents, aunts, uncles and cousins or children safely, while minimizing your environmental footprint!

Be Earth Conscious Even Before You Leave Home

- Pack lightly: the weight of your luggage impacts your means of transportation. More fuel is burnt and carbon released when you pack more. Bring only what you need and leave at home minor items that you know you could borrow from the family members you're visiting.

- Think reusable: take a reusable water bottle you can refill at water fountains and a shopping bag with you to save money and highly reduce your plastic waste.

- Switch off: turn off and unplug or the devices and lamps that you won't need to keep on while you're away.

- Turn down the thermostat at home: you won't need to keep your place warm while nobody’s there.

Get There Green

- The land is greener than the sky: try to avoid flying, especially on short range trips (less than 500 miles) and travel by train or, even better, by bus. This will also help you save money on often overpriced tickets during the holidays! If you really have to fly consider flights with high occupancy rates and fuel efficient aircraft. Avoid intermediate stops as take-offs and landings consume the most fuel.

- Drive safely and cleanly: if you have to rent a car your best option choose a hybrid model. If you can't find any always prefer a small fuel efficient vehicle. Definitely avoid gas chuggers like SUVs or muscle cars.

- Offset your emissions: you can consider compensating for your carbon emission while traveling by planting trees, or at least donating towards that cause. There are, in fact, multiple non profit organizations who provide online carbon footprint calculators. In addition to that, many air carriers offer offsetting options at checkout.

Make Your Stay Light On The Environment

- Skip the hotel: if you can, choose to stay with family, or friends, or even friendly strangers (services like couch-surfing or Airbnb). They are all greener alternatives than hotels.

- Go to sleep with a clean conscience: if you really need to book a hotel for your stay, select one that follows eco-friendly standards (like water conserving fixtures, energy efficient lighting, recycling systems, etc.). Check if your hotel is certified by reliable organizations like LEED, Green Globe, or many others.

- Save energy as you would at home: you won't receive any bill from your hotel, it's good to follow some simple practices: keep your showers short and turn off lights, TV and heater when you leave the room.

- Dress appropriately: when it's cold outside sure the idea of turning the heater to eleven is enticing, however there are ways not to overdo it. Like wearing warm clothes like sweaters and long socks so you can keep the thermostat to moderate levels. You can wait a few months to show off your new tank-tops or Hawaiian shirts.

- Reuse towels: if you're staying multiple days don't leave the towels on the bathroom floors. This way room service won't replace towels that are still clean and usable.

- Eat local food: buy locally grown seasonal products from local businesses. Don't forget to take your reusable bag with you.

- Give sensibly: when it comes to gifts consider gifts that limit their impact on the environment or even help improve it. Like items made from recycled materials, smart gadgets to help reduce energy consumption, handmade objects (handmade candles, soap, or knitted scarves), reusable bottles, bento boxes, etc. Also try to minimize the amount of packaging and wrapping for your presents.

- Know where and how to toss your waste: be aware that the recycling procedures might be different from place to place. So try to know beforehand how to separate the various materials and where to discard them.

Bonus tip

- Be green with your Green Pea Cookie: when taking your boxes of Green Pea Cookie in your luggage to give them away as gifts or for your own pleasure remember the proper way to dispose of them. The cardboard box, the bag and the paper pad can go in the compost bin, while the plastic trays go into the recycle bin; ultimately the cookies belong to your stomach and maybe to even your family members' if they behave! :D 

Peas and Love and Happea Holidays!


The Green Pea Cookie Team
The Green Pea Cookie Team


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