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Dimpea's Diary: Hi! It's me, Dimpea

by Peater The Cookie February 15, 2016

1/15/2016: Hi! It's me, Dimpea

Hi everybody it’s me, Dimpea. Dimpea the Chocolate Dipped Green Pea Cookie. I have taken a peak inside Peater’s diary and I have peacided that I should probably write something down now that I am here. Peater is currently busy right now making a campaign speech in front of his mirror. I don’t think he would mind that I’m peantroducing myself here though.


The thing about Peater is that he likes a lot of things a lot, including, I expect, me writing in his diary. The other thing about Peater is that he likes to peatend to be the Peasident of Pearth, especially on Peasident’s day, so that’s what the campaign speech is about. He has been thinking about being the peasident ever since the Iowa Caucuses.

Here he is with Peasident Lincoln, his peanspiration:

We don’t have caucuses on Pearth. Pealitics aren’t a thing there is why.

I would definitely vote for Peater for peasident if we did have them though. Would you? Probably you would, because you are the diary, and because if you weren’t going to vote for him I think that would fall in the category of not having anything nice to say so not saying it at all.

Then again you are not really speaking at the moment.

There are a few things you should know about me. One is that I like wearing big shoes, because it makes me feel like I should fill them, and the other is that I like to be upside down. Oh and another thing is that whereas Peater likes to roll around, I like to hop up and down. I have a peatective layer of chocolate so I imagine it’s like a bouncy ball, even though I end up not really moving forward a lot of the time, just side to side.

More later because Peater needs some help with his pealitical campaign. Friends come first right? Writing in their diaries comes second.

Have the peasfullest of days!


Peater The Cookie
Peater The Cookie


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