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Dimpea's Diary: Am I Brave Enough to be Happea?

by Peater The Cookie July 01, 2016

Hi Diary,

It’s me, Dimpea. I’ve been thinking a whole lot and I know Peater would always write here when he is thinking a lot too. I peagured it might help my thought process.

I read an Indepeadence Day quote recently - liberty is the secret of happiness and courage is the secret to liberty. This confuses me a little, because it means that if I want to be a happea cookie, I need to first be free. To be free, I need to be brave.

I know for sure that I’m a happea cookie, but am I really a brave cookie? If I’m not even a brave cookie, does that still make me a happea cookie? It’s really confusing you see, I feel like all the peas in my head are crumbling up when I think of this. Peater told me to ask Grandma Pearl. So I did, and she said,

“The journey to discovering your peanate self begins with a single step.”

I think I need to start taking steps now, instead of rolling around. Maybe if I slow down and roll less, I can start to understand who I really am. Perhaps I’ll take a step left… or maybe right. Maybe both at the same time. Alright, I guess the first step could be 39 degrees towards the northpeast.

Grandma Pearl is really wise. Everything she says can be interpeated so many ways, like I can take the single step in so many directions. The peassibilities are limitless. Everyone who is confused should ask her at too, it really helps.

I guess I’m going to have to take all these steps now. Thanks diary, that was really helpful.

Pea.S. Sorry for hacking into your diary again Peater. I’ll see you in a while, and I hope you wouldn’t be too peassed off with me then.



Peater The Cookie
Peater The Cookie


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