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Guest Post: Anatomy of a Happy Brand

by Guest Writer November 28, 2016

By Nisha Garigarn, cofounder of Croissant

I'm a big fan of things that put a smile on my face. Take for example two bus drivers waving at each other when passing on the road. Take another example: seeing a text from a friend I haven’t talked to in a while. Lastly, a third example: when the local deli puts a piece of candy along in the bag along with my sandwich. What do these three things have in common? They are the little things in life that create joy. Which one is not like the others? That would be #3. It's something that a particular company has deliberately chosen to do to make that smile a reality.

Let's take a moment to appreciate all the brands out there that do these little things that make us happy. *Moment of silence* When you're ready, let's dive in, and explore a little more about what makes a few of the happiest brands tick.

I'm going to start with the obvious: Green Pea Cookie. Right away you're met with your favorite cartoon pea, Peater Holmes. He is smiling because he's happy to see you, leaving you with no option but to smile back. Digging a little deeper into the site, you'll find his bio, which states that he is "a super happea cookie, brave, adventurous and a little snarky, Peater loves rolling around and rap music." This gives the mascot humanistic character while still preserving it's spherical qualities. You simply cannot hate a brand that has something like this. Meet the wise Grandma Pearl, the Earl Grey Green Pea Cookie! She even has an advice column:

Another good one is EatArcade. These guys provide daily meals from local restaurants, right to your doorstep. Every day there is a new selection. Expect to see delicious things like chicken burritos or veggie burgers. But that's not all. Along with the daily option is a nice little quip that almost always makes me laugh. It’s not something they advertise, nor is it the main draw of their company.. but it’s definitely something that puts a smile of my face and gets me talking to my friends about. Here’s a few of their latest funnies: "I've done all the cleaning and ironing but I've forgot why I broke in into this house in the first place" and "Characters on your favorite TV show are like people except you care about them". How can you not love them?


One more to go. Croissant. Why? Because it's my company. Coincidentally, it's also the type of pastry I used to buy while working on my laptop in coffee shops. For the customers that read that far into it, they always crack a smile as if it's an inside joke about the coffee shop struggle. Secondly, similar to green pea, Croissant sports a mascot of their own: Croissant Man. He's basically a generic person's face with a croissant for a hat. Right out of the gate, it makes no sense and has almost a troll-level of funniness. You won't find him on the main page of the website, but rather in the most unexpected places, such as the app loading screen, the 404 page, and the member settings area. It's these little random moments of happiness that really get people goin'.


These companies all show they care about you by going the extra mile. And it works! I can't help but keep coming back and buying their stuff (yes, I buy my own product). Now it's your turn. Tweet us: What are your favorite happy brands?

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Guest Writer


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