Chocolate-Dipped Cookies Are BACK! Try our most decadent flavor

The Story Begins...

Green Pea Cookie was founded by two food-loving Singaporeans and an imaginative American. The original cookie, made from roasted peas, was a serendipitous discovery, a great taste from Singapore that we wanted to share. There are a lot of things to be happy about, and we believe everybody should enjoy life’s little peasures. 

Sean (also known as Ying Quan, one of the food loving Singaporeans) first asked his parents to send over some Green Pea Cookies from Singapore while he was studying and working at a startup in San Francisco with Larissa (the imaginative American). He was thrilled to see how other people loved the cookies as much as he did and decided to introduce the great-tasting Singaporean delights in the US on an ecommerce platform. 

He asked Fiona (food-loving Singaporean #2, who baked his divine 21st birthday cake), to help him out with the recipe.  Larissa then joined to help establish Green Pea Cookie as a US brand, and since then we have been plowing ahead with our beloved green pea experiment, spreading the peasitivity wherever we go. 

When we first introduced the product in Dolores Park, SF, were simply delighted that people loved our cookies. After our Kickstarter campaign, however, we quickly realized that the success of our company would be impactful. We wanted to embody a positive change in the food industry.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the most innovative and sustainable food company that creates delightful products and inspires happiness.

Our Mission of Transparency

As we set up our operations, we became disappointed by how many opportunities for inefficiency and entropea existed, even in our basic supply chain, as well as how little we really knew about what was on the shelf, even as educated consumers.  

What’s cheap to produce isn’t typically the same as what’s best for the environment or our health. In turn, what’s considered best for the environment or our health isn’t always scalable enough to feed the world. And it doesn’t always taste very good. Our cookie is simple, but bringing it to you isn’t.

We’re working towards creating the most socially and environmentally conscious engine of happiness, never compromising on quality where possible, working with the best suppliers and localizing our production as much as we can as we grow. And along the way, we’re going to tell you the whole, plain truth -- our successes and failures, our goals and our structural constraints. 

Through our commitment to transparency, we hope that green pea cookies can inspire people, not only to appeaciate life’s little peasures every day, but also to come on board with a great tasting and truly happea peavolution in the food industry, where consumers hold suppliers accountable for their impact, and where doing good becomes an affordable choice.